Alumni Toppers


Anupriya kushwaha (GNM 3rd)

Three years at Tamanna has changed my personality. First day at Tamanna was full of excitement, I was very eager to meet my colleagues, teachers and my seniors. Day by day my knowledge was enhanced because of the teacher’s efforts towards our studies. I have studied well along with other activities. My lovely friends supported me in every walk of life. After three years, I am capable to help my family financially just because the fruitful knowledge given by this institution and I am sure that my juniors will also inculcate the knowledge which will be beneficial to them regarding their further life. My lovely juniors, when you make a mistake, don’t look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom, the past cannot be changed the future is yet in your power.



My Name is Tahura Humayun (BEST STUDENT IN PHYSIOTHERAPIST, YEAR 2016) going to tell my mind blasting and overwhelmed experience at this wonderful institute. Really TIAHS is real TAMANNA for every student of this institute.
To begin with my first day, I was very anxious and quite nervous when I entered to college gate I stood there for 5 seconds took a deep breath and relaxed myself. But things were very regular, classes were good, since TIAHS is a very discipline institute.
Some of my seniors took our introduction. During introduction, for the first time I spoke in front of so many people. Environment of TIAHS is so friendly and anticipating that my fear of public speaking vanished as if I am speaking infront of my family member.
The best thing I liked in TIAHS was discipline and uniform. Uniform make everyone equal, so in TIAHS every student is treated equally.
This institute not only given me unimpeded knowledge but also enhanced my personality. Beside teaching and improving knowledge regarding or career, TIAHS has provided many extracurricular activities where I participated sportingly. I participated in presentations, elocution, singing, tug o war, antakshadi, dumbcherades, chart and model competition in 1st year I even won the prizes my parents and family members were shocked. They were so happy for me that not only I am getting better in education from this institution but also getting a great personality.
I was even very regular at college and clinic both. At clinic I got know about so many kind of people I treated there. I got this golden opportunity to treat the life of many people.
Second year was best time of my entire life. My confidence level boosted up, my intrest toward studies developed via this institute.
All credit goes to TIAHS and staff of TIAHS they changed me from introvert flab girl to self confident and smart girl.
The staff of TIAHS is also very anticipating. Teachers not only give us enlighted knowledge but also helped us in each and every possible way and stood with every student in anything.
Lastly I would like to thank THE FOUNDER(DR H RAHMAN SIR), DIRECTORS (DR. SURESH DIWEDI SIR & DR. NAJMI RAHMAN MA'AM), JOINT DIRECTOR (DR. ASHOK SHUKLA SIR), PRINCIPAL(DR. L D P SINGH SIR) who have fully supported me and every student of TIAHS regarding education and personality development.


Shweta Rai D.OPT 2nd Year

I would rather prefer to be your personal best as compared to being a topper believe me, putting maximum efforts will yield you the best results (not only in academics).
As a DOPT class topper in Tamanna Institute. I had always regretted myself somewhere down in my heart. I was praised more than i deserved. So don’t try to compete with classmate. Try competing with your own. You would definitely win the race. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that is greater than any obstacle. Best of luck.


Neha Shukla-ANM 2nd Year
I Realize All Things from the Past Year That Has caused any Negative attachment. I Prepare and Welcome New Changes New Lessons and New Adventures. I Welcome New Opportunities to Grow Emotionally Mentally and Spatially